Meet the team 

Meet the team 

'Collaborative Healthcare' is not just a strapline. Here at Your Health Roots it is at the heart of our very ethos.  

We colllaborate with the most important person - YOU in order to understand and help you gain the best outcomes. 
We collaborate amongst ourselves, sharing skills and experience and constant professional development within the team to ensure we are keeping up to date with the latest evidence and bringing the best possible service we can to you, our clients. We believe this ensures the best possible outcomes for you. 

Matt Jenkinson BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy HCPC, CSP Pg Dip Pain Management BSc (Hons) Sports Rehabilitation 

Matt is a fully qualified and highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience and registered with the HCPC and CSP. He has worked as a Head Physiotherapist in football and rugby super league, in occupational health at JLR as a case manager, in private practice and in community Physiotherapy with Pathways CiC, helping Greater Manchester residents with musculoskeletal issues get back into or stay in work. He also works with Designed2Move - a UK based team of specialist Physiotherapists who provide complex case assessmnt and bespoke functional rehabilitation programmes for active people who have suffered severe or multiple injuries. 
What made you want to be a Physiotherapist? 
I played a very high level of football and cricket and always wanted to do an active type job after not 'making it' in either of them. After a year as a trainee barrister's clerk, I decided I wanted to go to Uni to pursue a therapy career. 
Career so far? 
Wide-ranging! Originally completely in elite sport (Rugby League and football) with Stockport County FC, Warrington Wolves RLFC, Hull KR RLFC, Salford City Reds RLFC, Oldham Athletic FC – the last 3 as Head Physiotherapist. I then went into private practice and Occupational Health (Jaguar Land Rover) before moving into social care / CIC with Pathways and also opening Your Health Roots with Ruth and here at Kingfisher Health Club we feel we are ideally placed to provide health and well-being care as we believe it should be. 
Favourite patient? 
The person in front of me as cheesy as that sounds! I have worked with a wide variety of people, all ages and from all walks of life and each and every one has had something to teach me. See below 
Treatment ethos/style? 
Matt's ethos is all about empowerment and using a positive, coaching framework to help guide a client back to their optimum function and what is important to them. 
I work very much on the basis that my client is the expert (in their life) and that if I listen closely enough (and ask the right questions) I will get the answers I need to help you to your best outcomes. It is very much a collaboration of two people seeking the best therapeutic outcome. It is my job to present possibilities based on best evidence and suitability, and then for us both to agree on the best course of action for that person. We then provide an individual rehab programme, delivered via an app to the clients' phone/tablet so they have a reminder and are kept accountable to their goals. We are responsible TO a client not FOR them. 
Interests outside the clinic? 
Primarily enjoying time with my partner, Ruth and our 2 boys preferably in nature. With them being 4 years old and 14 months old they certainly keeps us active and it is a beautiful experience to be having (mostly!) Sport, particularly football (still playing, well, appearing on a veterans pitch!) Watching Manchester City whenever possible (that has definitely changed for the better from when I started going nearly 40 years ago!) I also love cooking, reading, travel and am attempting to learn Spanish. 
Aims for the future? 
Helping as many people as possible, growing as a business, a person and a dad as much as I can to be the best possible example I can to my little boys. Eventual aims would be to have a place in the country with great walks and scenery where we can run residential rehab sessions and groups with a variety of disciplines and people involved. 

Ruth Goulding BSc Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor 

Yoga Training: Ruth initially trained in South India completing Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga (200hrs Yoga Alliance). She continued her studies in London completing a Level 4 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (QCF British Wheel of Yoga). Further courses and training incorporated a strong focus on the nervous system and yoga through Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association UK (KYTA) completing Kundalini Yoga (Level 1), and Pregnancy Yoga. Ruth’s most recent studies include Yoga for Mental Health (The Yogologist) and Trauma-Informed Yoga (Trauma Therapy Manchester). The range and variety of training Ruth has undergone has helped to create the diverse and well-educated yoga facilitator she is. 
Ruth is continually inspired by the teachings and experience of yoga, physically, mentally and emotionally, and loves to share that in 1-2-1, workshop and class settings. Ruth creates a relaxed and informal environment for participants and clients to explore their relationship to themselves, others, movement patterns, breath and meditation and to provide usable life tools to use in the flows of life. 
“Ruth is an inspiring yoga teacher. She brings maximum enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to every interaction, whether during a class practice or an individual session. In her yoga classes, she introduces new moves and flows to ensure that they remain fresh and interesting." – Nigel 
What do you love about your work? 
I love helping people with creating healthy eating habits. Looking at how patients existing patterns contribute to their current health and how we can use various tools to support a new way of being, eating and enjoying food and nutrition. 
I am consistently amazed by the variety of issues that yoga can assist with. I love sharing yoga inspiration and methods of self-regulation that yoga naturally provides. Watching the transformation process is empowering, to see patients move through a healing process. 
Why did you decide to train as a nutritionist and yoga instructor? 
The human body has always intrigued me; how it functions and how it affects our life quality. I quickly realised how our bodies mental and emotional and physical are all interrelated and undividable. Nutrition and yoga both presented the opportunity to delve deeper into this relationship and provided effective pathways and foundations in how to create the healthiest version for us as human beings. 
Career so far? 
Early on in my yoga career, I focused my energies on delivering community and gym classes. This is where I felt I crafted my art and still do and hope to continue to. In class settings, you are lucky enough to be facilitating hundreds of different people through the process of yoga, which is a beautiful growth space for all involved. 
In the last 5 years, I have been able to dive deeper into facilitating through workshops and retreats both in nutrition and yoga, in addition to assisting in 1-2-1's. This has been a wonderful way to offer the teachings of yoga and nutrition and highlighted the gap in support, which has helped carve out the creation of YHR. 
Favourite patient? 
I'm a big fan of diversity so a favourite patient question doesn't do it for me. Sometimes I like the challenge of a tricky pattern that a patient is aiming to retrain or balance. Sometimes I like one session and everything that the patient needed was fulfilled in that one session. Like life, it's the variety-it's the spice! 
Interests outside of work? 
Yoga, my gorgeous family, friends, socialising, music, dance, good and deep conversations, astrology, nature, and gardening. I have a veggie patch-home grown is divine! 
Aims for the future? 
Keep stretching and evolving in whichever way my intuition leads-I'm a yogi hey! 
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