Patient Journey 

Patient Journey 

Your Health Roots are with you every step of the way as a positive encourager and also a critical friend (in the most positive, productive way!) 

We encourage people to contact us informally if they are undecided on the best course of action and whether we can help them with their health query/condition. 
Once an appointment is booked, we are committed to being a paper-free clinic as it fits with our environmental ethos but also, as an efficiency measure. You will receive a series of smart forms from us before your appointment to fill in. These range from; your details, consent, medical screening, COVID19 screening, outcome measures and all are aimed at maximising your care from the very moment you book an appointment with us. We feel it is inefficient to be filling forms in during your appointment time and this means we can spend more time on what matters – YOU! 


Book appointment with an expert of your choice. 
Receive an email confirmation of appointment and location directions, including parking. 
Receive emailed smart forms. Click on the email to open and you will receive a text message with your security code to access each smart form. 
Fill in the smart form and click save (no need to send back, this is done automatically).Receive text reminder of appointment 24 hours before the appointment. 
Arrive at Kingfisher Health Club, Houldsworth Mill, Broadstone Rd, SK5 6DD. 
Attend appointment and receive expert care and guidance, agreeing on goals and the best course of action for you or enjoying the expert massage or movement classes. 
Receive bespoke, video rehabilitation programme (where appropriate) direct to your smart device via rehab software app, Physiapp (which you will be asked to download and receive a secure code to access your programme) ** if the appointment is Physio / Sports Therapy / Yoga / Massage 
Receive bespoke nutrition plan and individual resources direct via email ** nutrition and Ayurvedic consultations ** 
Discuss your follow up plan, treatment frequency and duration for your reason for the visit. 
Feel better. 
Complete your care / achieve your goals. 
Tell your friends and family so they can enjoy Your Health Roots' expert, friendly and inspiring care. 
Fill in our feedback smart form with, hopefully, a ringing endorsement to our services – if not then we will endeavour to discuss any areas you were not happy with to continuously develop our services for our clients. 


We are based at Kingfisher Health Club, Houldsworth Mill, Broadstone Rd, Reddish. Within easy reach of Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris, Heaton Mersey, Didsbury and the rest of South Manchester and surrounding Stockport areas. 
We do and our experience in community and occupational health roles sets us apart in utilising this form of healthcare. It was forced on many of us with COVID-19 but we at YHR feel that it will remain when appropriate as it has certain benefits of time efficiency, helping support where transport to the clinic may be difficult and also supporting various mental health aspects of MSK care e.g. anxiety, depression where in-person appointments may not always be feasible. We can also support our clients' who are out of the area or who have moved or are away for work/study also for example. 
A comprehensive history will be received from you and appropriate questions, screening and tests performed to help us diagnose your condition and plan your care, all in conjunction and agreement with you. We feel that if you are not an active participant in all aspects of your care then outcomes can be negatively affected. 
Yes, we are aiming to be paper-free where possible at the clinic so send out smart forms before your appointment. You will receive a details/consent form and a medical history form. When you open each email, a secure code will be texted to you to access this form. Fill it in and that is it, no need to send back as this is done automatically. 
We feel this approach enables us to spend all of your appointment time on the important things, you and not take up clinic time with admin. 
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